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ADELE!! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for those 6 awards! Congrats, you deserved it.

Thank you Adele. You are truly an inspiration…when society tells you to be, or worse, to look a certain way for “music” you slapped them back with a clean sweep at the Grammy’s! You stayed you, sang about you and touched hearts of many! Congrats ♥

‘My life is full of drama and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like. I don’t like going to the gym.

‘I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. Even if I had a really good figure, I don’t think I’d get my t**s and a** out for no one.

‘I love seeing Lady Gaga’s boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it. But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.’


And PLEASE don’t give me that, oh all women have the right to dress a certain way and express themselves…that’s not what all celebrities do, sex sells and Adele doesn’t need that!